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About Us

Datasage is the Data Recovery Specialist with a heart. Our core focus  is  affordable and reliable Data Recovery Services.

Datasage was born out of a need for a low-cost Data Recovery alternative. Data Recovery need not be expensive in order to be effective.

"Size Matters Not" a wise, old Jedi Master once said. For those who prefer a lower cost alternative to a Full-service Airline, the number of staff or planes a Budget Airline has is not important so long as they can still get to their destination safely, on time and in reasonable comfort. Leading Budget Carriers transfer cost savings to their customers by being no frills but not at the expense of safety and timeliness.

Likewise, Datasage transfers savings in cost and unnecessary overheads to you for  best value data recovery without compromising the safety and integrity of your data.

Datasage is small by choice. We pride ourselves in being nimble; swift to respond to each and every customer's feedback and  personal requests. We then fully customise our service to continually delight the very lifeblood of our existence.....You.

Datasage will go the extra mile to provide service exactly the way you like it. If any of our service offerings  doesn't fit you like a glove, just tell us  what you prefer and we will strive to keep you delighted.

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